Tea consumers are not just old aunts!  They can be young, carnivore, have small arms and sense of humor. Tea Rex is a  fictional monthly magazine with focus on bringing tea facts and curiosities to unusual appreciators. 

My approach to this project focused in the weird combination of Strong and Delicate, beautiful soft images and a strong headline. A T-Rex and a Tea Cup. With this proposal in mind I developed the logo, cover drawing, photo-shoot and the article design itself.



The brainstorm started with the brand name itself. Between some references as “Tea Party”, or double meaning as “Simplicit-ea” I stayed with the one with stronger visual appealing, “Tea Rex”.

The non usual headlines and the cover drawing were considered since the beginning to support the brand. After some typographic research, I sicked with the calligraphic style,



A tyrannosaurus rex appreciating a tea cup was the first and only choice for the cover. I decided to crop it silhouette to help frame the logo.  The illustration was made on Photoshop in cell shading style. Some scale texture was also applied.




The pictures followed the delicate aesthetics. I purchased some cups and plates, borrowed some items from friends for the background and used other friends as models. Almost all images are in a wooden background as consistency and easy connection between pages. The set were some SCAD facilities: the Terrace, Barnard and Carnival.



The Typography displayed both delicate and strong aesthetics. After some tests I decided to use 3 Displays Fonts, hand letter and body copy font. The headlines were typographic compositions and each of them reacted to the picture article: a half tea cup circle for the table of contents, stacking elements for the stacking wood, an inverted triangle for the tree spoons triangle composition