This video was based on the article "Como Influenciar na Internet" ( How to influence in Internet) by a Brazilian internet culture blog, Youpix. It explain the best marketing strategy for spreading ideas based on social studies about human connections. 

My approach followed the bright RGB colors that can only be found at digital media, and vectors assets there are so characteristic of this internet moment. Bauhaus aesthetics and Swiss grids were the mains inspirations for the graphic structure. For the movement, glitch effects and Vector transitions will be used.


What is the best way to spread an idea on internet?
In 1967 a social psychologist asked some volunteers to deliver a message to specific targets.
They did this through other people, connecting themselves in a human network. These networks took an average of 5 acquaintances to reach the target, and almost half of the messages were delivered by just 3 people! Those were social “stars”, the influencers.
So, should we just explain our ideas to these stars?
Actually, this scenario changed. Now in the 2000s, Microsoft repeated this test through messenger and discovered that the numbers were actually 7 people! And in most of the tests, the social stars did not appear.
So, if you want to spread your idea: instead of talking with the “right people”, you should convince
a group of medium influencers. Then, go viral.

Original “Como influenciar na internet?” by youPIX