Small Worlds App was a in class team work exercise which we translated an analog game to an app interface, based on Elements of User Experience models. In this team, I contributed as a leader, made several research and brainstorms, made and refined the wireframes and design the screens graphics. We explored all the group participants strengths to build a concise iPad application. 



Who are we?

Founded in 2002, Days of Wonder publishes top-quality, family-oriented board games that are easy to learn and fun to play. Their name is derived from the "sense of wonder" we all experienced as children when we first fell in love with playing games.

What does our audience want?

Our target audience wants a fun strategy game that will allow them to connect and play with others and also pass the time.

The Target Audience

Fathers and sons who to reinforce their relationship. Adults whom don't want to pay much to play with friends at distance.

  • Social gamers: 13% of the market; enjoy gaming as a way to interact with friends.
  •  Incidental gamers: 12% of the market; play mostly online games for 20 hours a month, mainly out of boredom.
  • Age 8 to 12, 25 to 45
  • Tech level: mainstream