Loop is a platform for companies give feedback to students seeking professional opinion about their work. It was a project for User Centered Design Class. In this team I was the graphic designer, but I also participated in the user research, wireframing and prototype development.



We began our search asking what most stress out college student in the job search process. After interviews, surveys and another researching methods  we narrowed our 50 users down into three main personas based on how they de-stress:

The majority of them was really unsatisfied with the feedback received by the companies. In the USA job search process, students apply for dozens different places and have to wait an average 3 months to get an answer. During this time, students question themselves about selfie worthiness, and most of the refusals are vague and don't explain why they were not selected. Thinking on that. we formulated our design question:

People get stressed from the lack of feedback they receive during a job search process, so how can we provide a platform where we can alleviate that stress and make it a meaningful experience?


Loop provides students/professionals with a way to contact companies and ask for reviews, so they can be assigned a mentor and get direct feedback from other professionals in their eld - before applying for positions. It also allows you to apply for jobs, providing you with research resources and feedback along the way to help with your search.