SCAD inspire workshop was a project from Motion Media Department to simulate a real-world studio experience.  The industry guests were Daniel Oeffinger from Buck NYC, and Matt Smithson of Man vs. Magnet. The brief was to create a video for Spotify with the theme "Music For Everyone", sketches, style frames and written treatment were the deliverables. 

My group was composed by me, Leandro Mendes and Allison Leear. We worked during 48 hours and were driven by great professors feedback and  Daniel and Matt insights. Our work was featured at Adobe's Blog

For us, Spotify is a loyal and adaptable friend who is always there, connects you to others and shows you new things. Here Spotify is represented as a abstract avatar in a fantasy world appearing to bored non-Spotify listening characters and brighten their days. Upon touch the Spotify avatars morph into different shapes and play different genre of music. When the avatars bump into each other their colors and music change, allowing for their listeners to connect with one another.