Beat Street is a fiction app in development for my Interaction Design Class. In this team, I contributed as a leader, participated in user research as well as wireframe refinement, prototype and screens graphics development.

We want to create a network of users who enjoy procedurally generated electronic music and who enjoy collecting loops to create their own beats. The user wants to play with a cool new app that has elements of collectibility and makes the traveling experience new and exciting and different.

The loops are created based on street names, weather and average speed. After collecting some,  the user will be able to create their own "drops" and drop on streets to other people enjoy!


Our target audience are DJs who mix in partys, bars or residences, and teens  who enjoy editing and sharing content. Their average age is between 12 -17  and 20s - 30s, they are 90% male and have and average income.

Our Communication Strategy will focus on the pattern of streaming services with monthly subscription and music share potential though the app and social media. The app interface will consider the public preference for dark and neon lights, as those seen in shows.